The Masked Pope
The Masked Pope's true look
Nobody messed with The Masked Motherfucker!
Level Infinite
XP Gained Unknown
HP Infinite
Strength Infinite
Defence Infinite
Speed Infinite
SP Attack Infinite
SP Defence Infinite
Weapons  ?????
Equip Unknown
Item Drop Unknown
Type God



Make that the opponents never exit on this world, simply just more then dead.

Mind fuck

Explode the opponents head.

Raging Jesus

The Masked Pope imitate Akuma's attack for the lolz, teleports using Ashura Senkuu, grabs the player, then the screen darkens, and he performs a series of brutal gory attacks, at end you see the opponents body parts left in pieces and is dead and no longer playable.


The Masked Pope summon every possible character he want. And they will attack the opponents in orders of god!