Level 17
XP Gained Unknown
HP 450
Strength 55
Defence 15
Speed 63
SP Attack 10
SP Defence 33
Weapons Spoon, Sword, Broken Card, Stun Gun, Shotgun
Equip Unknown
Item Drop Unknown
Type Unknown

In Lawler-RPGEdit

During the first five level, Steven (with the machine parts) encounter the Real Unknown Lester. He said that the flower in those woods are dying because of a evil force. He want to say everyone, but them hidding low ever since there are escaped from prison. Soon they decide to hang in the ambush castle. Steven & Lester wonder how the check them subplots to leave without anyone founding them. Unknown Lester say that Steven needs to keep to wear this hood while Lester called a old friend in the next day. Since then, Steven travel thought the woods and encounter Bravoman & Wonder Momo, who also help him. Along with Falco & Serious Sam, Steven and the other 4 go and find the main problem. While that, they went in between was with the Cyborg in war with the Riptorians, with Amy Rose encounter, while Steven unforgiving her to letting their friend nearly killed him when Dark Oak turn his evil. Momo help Steven cyo alm down and help Amy to stop this war. When battling Balrog, Steven went insane when the machine start reaction to the heat from Balrog. He later ended up kill, and Devil Steven, now Icy Steven since Devil Steven absorbed Icy's DNA inside Steven's heart, is awaken!


Unique AttacksEdit

  • Normal Sword
  • Lance*
  • Dropkick*
  • Sword Charge
  • Spoon

Special AttacksEdit

  • Slash Wave
  • Sword Throw
  • Shotgun
  • Shine Sword
  • Stun Pistol*
  • Fire Glove*
  • Detect*
  • Slashing Hacker*
  • Thunder Glove*
  • The Swordcopter*
  • Broken Card*
  • Diamond Shot
  • Icicle Fury
  • Stabbing Blitz
  • CrossStar Hurricane Slicing
  • Starlight Silver Overdrive!

Ultimate AttacksEdit

  • Seven Star Slashes - Requires 100% XP
  • Assist Pals - Requires 50% XP*
    • Blade Eraser
    • AeroStar
    • The MoBat

[*] - The attack is disable or gain after saving him.

Team AttacksEdit

  • CrossStar Hurricane Team Attack (Requires 100% Magic and have Fiona on your team)
  • Assaulting Strike Blade (w/Blaziken and 100% Magic)
  • Shadow and Angel combination attack (w/Stocking and 100% Magic)


  • Dark Steven
  • Star Gate Steven
  • (w/Rosa and Stocking Anarchy) - StevenStar Angel Mode


  • Son of Bruce Shader and Rosa Star
  • Brother of Ralph Star
  • Husband of Fiona Blazela, Teardrop, and Stocking
  • Father of Danny Stardrop, Stephanie BlazeStar, Bruce BlazeStar, and Rosa Anarchy.
  • Richter Blazela's brother-in-law.
  • Grandson of Andrew Stardrop.
  • Clone of Evil/Devil Steven
    • Illegitimate husband of Icy
    • Illegitimate father of Starla
    • Illegitimate brother-in-law with Darcy & Stormy